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Chapter 1 - Getting Started

Download solution at:

Exercise 1.1: Getting a blank scheme

Purpose of this exercise is to use the msimerg.exe utility to create a new package named blastermaster.msi containing nothing but a blank scheme.

Download the Microsoft Windows Installer SDK from the Link below.

PLATFORM                                                                                        DOWNLOAD LINK

  XP, Vista, Windows 7                                                                

Note: Before you start, add the Microsoft Windows Installer SDK's "bin" folder ( <install-location>\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v7.1\Bin) to your PATH environment variable so that you are able to able to run the Windows SDK tools from the command line.

Verify that you can run the Windows SDK tools from the command line by calling the following command in a CMD:

msimerg /?

Copy the files schema.msi, sequence.msi, and uisample.msi from the folder <install-location>\Windows Installer 4.5 SDK\DATABASE to your project folder

(e.g. C:\Easy-MSI-Book\BlasterMaster).

Then open a CMD command prompt in your project folder an run the following commands:

copy schema.msi blastermaster.msi

msimerg blastermaster.msi sequence.msi

msimerg blastermaster.msi uisample.msi

This merges all three databases together in one new database named blastermaster.msi that you can use as starting point for the subsequent exercises.