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Here you can find all the links and downloads for the software and examples used in the book:


InstEd is a great free MSI editor. It makes working with MSI packages fast and easy.

You can download either the free version or the commerical version InstEd Plus at

Windows Installer SDK

The Windows Installer Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a set of tools, samples, and documentation for building and editing MSI packages.

The book uses both some of the Installer SDK's command line tools as well as some samples as templates.

At the time of writing this book the latest components of the SDK are included in the Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit which can be downloaded from Microsoft’s Download Center at

Blaster Master

Blaster Master is a free 2D shooter game written in C# by Trent Jackson. The book teaches Windows Installer by demonstrating the creation of an MSI package for this game. The binaries that are installed in course of the book can be downloaded here: